We, offer a wide variety of workstations which are aimed to help you in the effective working on the workbenches. The work station of the worker is the place where he has to perform all the functions and it must be well-detailed and all the necessary tools and equipment must present on the work station.


The workstations of all types are made according to the requirements of the job they are being prepared for. The work station might have some kind of drawers on it to store the required items while the heavy duty workstation with shelves are used when you want to place items on the shelves which are also on the reach of the hand.


The computer work station is designed in such a way that the workers can use the computer on the workstation while also getting the functionality of regular workstations. The PC workstation has special drawers to allow the worker to store the documents while the computer is kept on top of the desk. The office work stations are used in the office and they have special two way leg space to allow the officer as well as the client to sit on the opposite sides for better interaction.


We can supply the workstations at attractive rates to the customer where we make sure that the best quality work stations are shipped to the customer without worrying about the consignment and address within United Kingdom.

  1. Industrial Compact Workstation With Full Drawer
    Price: £358.43 (Excl. VAT)

  2. Heavy Duty Garage Workbench Premium Quality Multipurpose Industrial Workstation
    Price: £107.52 (Excl. VAT)